Our Policy of Corporate Social Responsibility

The Mitsubishi Electric Group promotes its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities based on the conviction that all business activities must take CSR into consideration. The Group's Corporate Mission and Seven Guiding Principles form its basic CSR policies.

We are vigilant in our enforcement of corporate ethics and compliance and constantly work to improve educational programs and strengthen our internal control system. At the same time, we pursue initiatives related to quality management, environmental preservation, philanthropy and improved communication with all stakeholders.

Promotional System for CSR

Considering that our CSR activities involve a wide range of initiatives such as corporate ethics and compliance, securing as well as improvement of quality, environmental preservation, philanthropy and improved communication with all stakeholders, Mitsubishi Electric's CEO is assigned as the officer responsible for overseeing these measures. The executive officers are in charge of carrying out each initiative within the scope of their assigned duties.

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility has gained prominence from all avenues. Organizations have realized that Govt. alone will not be able to get success in its endeavor to uplift the downtrodden of Society. With the rapidly changing corporate environment, more functional autonomy, operational freedom etc. Mitsubishi Electric India Private Limited (MEI) has adopted CSR as a strategic tool for sustainable growth. For MEI in the present context, CSR means not only investment of funds for Social Activity but also Integration of Business processes with Social processes.

Annual CSR Report FY 2018-19
Annual CSR Report FY 2017-18
Annual CSR Report FY 2016-17
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