Mitsubishi Electric Hits the Road with Sophisticated Factory Automation and Switchgear Tech to Empower Industries

Mitsubishi Electric Quality Standards promise manufacturers, unparalleled Efficiency and Reliability leading to increase in Productivity and Profitability.

Mitsubishi Electric has set into motion its latest offering in high tech Factory Automation and Switchgear Products for India. The ‘Empowering Express’, a 7-tonne 16 wheeler behemoth is a virtual industrial showroom-on-wheels bristling with technology, fresh from the land of the rising sun.

The mobile industrial showroom will travel to over 50 cities across the country with stopovers at major industrial hubs. The ‘Empowering Express’ will carry and display a variety of factory automation equipment for managing simple to complex applications across various market segments such as Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Textile, Water and Waste Water Treatment, Tunnel Ventilation, Power Distribution in Premium Residential and Commercial Buildings. Mitsubishi Electric India also caters to different customer segments like Packaging, Textiles, Printing, Plastic and Panel builders. Mitsubishi Electric India’s endeavour is to come close to the customers, enabling them to have a look and feel of its wide range of products like Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s), Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s), Motion Controllers (Servo’s), Computerized Numeric Controllers (CNC’s), Low Voltage Switchgears (MCB, MCCB, RCCB, ELCB) and Robots.

Mitsubishi Electric for the first time is also displaying the F-series SCARA robot with 3 to 20 Kg payload capacities and articulated robots offering 2 to 20 Kg payload capacities. Offered in both vertical and horizontal configurations, F-Series robots are particularly well suited for material handling, machine tending, assembly, picking, packing, kitting, dispensing, inspection, and other complex applications.

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