Creating "Smart Factories"
through IoT-based big data utilization

Discover how
e-F@ctory brings a paradigm shift in manufacturing

How e-F@ctory brings a paradigm
shift in your factory

  • e-F@ctory creates Smart Factories by leveraging advanced digital technologies to achieve digital transformation in the manufacturing environment
    for Enhanced Operational efficiency
  • e-F@ctory enables seamless integration of plant operations with Business Management Systems
    for Better Shop-floor Visibility
  • e-F@ctory collects, analyses and diagnose the data to improve manufacturing in real time
    for Better Quality
  • e-F@ctory is the Next Generation Solution that Reduces computing burden with compact AI and enables deployment of artificial intelligence
    for Higher Productivity
  • e-F@ctory Promotes an “Open” Shift in order to accelerate collaboration and innovation in the manufacturing
    for Greater Sustainability

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The e-F@ctory Advantage

Shop Floor

  • Production/ Equipment Data Acquisition
  • Production Execution
  • Sensing


  • Real-time feedback to shop floor
  • Processing and Analysis of shop floor data
  • FA-IT seamless connectivity

IT System

  • Company operations management
  • Data analysis for task improvement
  • Production management and execution instructions

Case Studies