Highly accurate synchronization, flexibility and error-free automation control are crucial for modern printing and plastic processing machines. Mitsubishi Electric is your smart solution partner, offering a vast range of customized solutions for automation and processing technology that inspire
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Automation for Rotogravure Printing
Advanced technologies for flexible packaging

Excellent print quality along with cost effective production are what can be achieved with a reliable automation partner. This enables running at maximum speeds with quick make ready times, focused on interconnectivity, efficiency, productivity and profitability so that your production can run smoothly.

Automation for Solventless Lamination Machine
Accelerating green packaging

The solvent-free machine requires high accuracy control because the solventless glue substantially has no initial adhesion. There is a considerable high requirement for the solventless laminator tension control and high control accuracy for the coating unit.

The process requires precise control for the process settings such as operating temperature, tension match, and coating weight. Efficient automation can ensure efficient production.

Automation for Sheet Extrusion Line
Technology and capacity

Sheet extrusion production line requires various specifications like control of technical parameters, stable setting equipment, and precise temperature control system. The electronic control equipment effectively optimizes the whole line operation and achieves high quality and high output.

Automation for Blown Film Lines
Makes film production more flexible, more profitable and resource efficient.

Today’s Blown film lines demand high accuracy of high-speed registration, digital correction, automatic thickness control, fully automatic center-gap-surface winder and integrated process control. With new trends setting in, the systems also need to support Industry 4.0 for converters who have higher demand for consistently high quality blown films.

Advanced automation features like integrated material conveying, gsm control, gravimetric blending and dosing, non-contact type IBC system with A range of system solutions can be configured to adapt to the ultimate processing needs.

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