List of FA Product Regular Training Courses: FY2024-25

Following training courses are regularly offered from our all training Centres mentioned in previous section.

Sr.No. Training Module Days Brief Courses
Product Training
1 Q PLC 2 Includes QnUDV PLC hardware. Basic & advance programming using GX Works2. Timer, Counter, Applied instructions. Program booting using SD card. Analog interface.
2 HMI: GOT 2000 2 Includes GOT 2000 Series HMI hardware, Screen Designing using programming software GT Designer3. Alarms, Graphs, Comments, Recipe. Ladder monitoring & editing. Program diagnosis & backup using GOT. GOT mobile function, VNC Server.
3 iQ-F PLC 2 ntroduction to IQ-F series PLC. I/O addressing. Programming using GXWorks3. Applied instructions, timer, counter, Analog interface. Structured programming. Function block & library.
4 iQ-R PLC 2 Introduction to iQ-R series PLC. Difference between Q & iQ-R series. Compatibility in existing line. Lib. Functions, applied instructions, data labels, Analog interface, embedded data base. Maintenance & security functions
5 Basic FA Network         CC-Link 1 Basics of CC-Link Network, different types of devices in network, Network addressing, & connections. Master to remote & CPU to CPU interface. Network troubleshooting & CC-Link module hardware test, Fault identification
6 Advanced FA Network CCIEF 1 Basics of CC-Link IE network. CC-Link IE Field network components, topology. Network communication - Remote IO station & PLC to PLC configuration. Network diagnosis & troubleshooting Introduction of CC-Link TSN
7 Servo Basics - I 2 Basics of servo systems, servo motor structures, Mitsubishi pulse type servo - MR JE. Servo parameter setting using MR configurator. Built in positioning using FX controller. Homing, positioning with Modbus protocol, troubleshooting
8 Servo Basics -II 2 Mitsubishi's servo controller's range. SSCNet III/H based controller & amplifier - MR-J3 & MR J4. Positioning using QD77MH/77MS, M Code, QD77MS simple motion configurator, CAM design.
9 CC Link IE TSN 1 CC-Link IE TSN Network Overview, CC-Link IE Field network topology & System Configuration. Cyclic communication - Remote IO station & PLC to PLC Communication. CC-link IE TSN Network diagnosis & troubleshooting
10 MR-J5 Servo 1 Introduction to MR-J5, Product Line-up & Nomenclature (Amplifier & Motor), Specification, Peripheral device & Part identification, MR Configurator (Servo Parameter Setting ), One-touch tuning ,Test Operation, Positioning , Troubleshooting
11 Advance Servo R Motion 2 SSCNET based servo system MRJ4. Motion CPU: R16/32/64 MT CPU, SFC programming, VF/VR instructions. Motion control with virtual mode. Mechanical editor: Servo motor virtual axis
12 AC Drives 2 Basics of Inverter, Mitsubishi A800/E800 series Inverter. V/F control, jogging, parameter setting. Multi-speed operation, auto tuning. CC-Link communication with FR800 inverter, MODBUS Communication, Built in PLC Function. Troubleshooting
13 Genesis SCADA Basic 2 Application Areas of GENESIS64, Product Lineup, ICONICS Chart, System Configuration Tag concept, Global Standard Compliances, Workbench Overview- New Project Creation, Backup, Restoration, Configuration etc. GraphworX Overview- Basic 2D Object Creation, Commanding Properties etc. AlarmWorX Viewer, TrendWorX Viewer, GridWorX Viewer Different Platform Services- UDM, Aliasing, Recipes etc
14 Genesis SCADA Advance 2 Genesis64 Basic & Advance Product Overview, Features, Alarms & Notifications, AlertWorks, Hyper Historian- Product Configuration, Data Collector & Logger, Exporter, Historian Reader etc., Energy Analytics-Architecture, Licensing, Configuration, Standard Energy Dashboards, Customization, Diagnosis etc. Analytics BI and Visualization in KPIWorX vs GraphWorX
15 Robot-I(Basic) 2 Basics of robot ( F/FR). Device configuration & wiring for external I/O. Robot operation & teaching. Programming with RT toolbox & teaching pendent. Robot applications & maintenance/ troubleshooting
16 Robot-II(Advance) 2 Basics of robot. Device configuration & wiring for external I/O. Robot operation, Spline Function, Tool teaching, Additional Axis function, Networking (CC-Link , CC-Link IE )
17 Cobot 1 Introduction to Industrial Robot Safety, Introduction to MELFA ASSISTA Robot (RV-5AS-D), Features & Specifications, Safety Extension unit details & Wiring, RT Visual Box Software, Basic Operation using Software, JOG & Inching Operation, Joint Operation, Hand Alignment
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