You wouldn't believe the things we do.

Mitsubishi Electric is a recognized leading manufacturer of electrical and electronic equipment used in a broad range of fields. From consumer electronics to industrial applications and satellite communications, Mitsubishi Electric applies its ingenuity to cutting-edge products and technologies that underpin the very foundations of society.

To showcase a selection of these original technologies, we created an advertising series in Japan, and provide further Information on an animated "Key Technologies" website. We are pleased to now Introduce a few of these technologies in this booklet to otter a glance at how Mitsubishi Electric's innovations are touching lives in ways you may not have known previously.

We hope you will enjoy this brief introduction to some of our breakthrough key technologies that are making a big difference all around the world. You wouldn't believe the things we do...

Diamond Vision

The Diamond Vision LCD Screen which we built for the Sha-Tin racecourse in Hong Kong is 70.4 meters long, wider than the wingspan of a Boeing 747-400 jet. It features a flexible multi-display capability and Mitsubishi Electric's advanced synchronized screen controller technology, which ensures that all of its 5.6 million LEDs display simultaneosly for seamless high resolution images. At the time of its installation (August 2004) this screen was the widest LED screen in the world.

Car Electronics

Automakers worldwide are working relentlessly to make cars more environmentally compatible. Which is why many of them come to Mitsubishi Electric for sophisticated car electronics technologies, such as electronic engine management systems, electric power steering systems, car navigation systems, vehicle exhaust emission control systems, and much more. Our cuttimg-edge control technologies and wide-ranging car electronics products are helping to make automobiles greener. And thus helping to ensure a brighter future for people, vehicles and the Earth.

Particle Beam Treatment System

Mitsubishi Electric's particle beam treatment systems focus a particle beam from outside the body at a tumor within the body, with pinpoint accuracy. The technology accelerates protons or carbon ions to 70% the speed light, forming a particle beam. The beam releases its greatest energy at a fixed depth from the body's surface, targeting only the tumor but minimizing damage to the surrounding tissue. These innovative systems are at work in a growing number of medical facilities.

Spiral Escalators

In 1985 Mitsubishi Electric succeeded in manufactiring the first spiral escalators. And more than 25 years later we're still the only company on earth that offers them. The secret is our "Center Shift Method," a complex technology we invented where the center of the circle around which the escalator rotates is shifted in response to the degree of gradient-thereby achieving smooth rotational movement and harmonizing vertical movement. We have installed this astonishing escalators throughout the world.

High Speed High Comfort Elevators

The greatest problem with High Speed elevators is lateral motion, or sway. That is why Mitsubishi Electric developed the Active Roller Guide system, which detects sway and counters it by generating damping sway in the opposite direction. We have also developed the large-capacity winches that use permanent magnets for smoother rotation, and streamlined elevator cars for greater comfort. These technologies reduce vibration and sway to almost to imperciptible levels- making the ride so smooth that a coin set on its edge will not topple.

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