• Overview

    The history of Mitsubishi Electric is the history of the development of modern Japan. The company was founded in 1921, when Mitsubishi Shipbuilding ..

  • 1920s–1970s

    Mitsubishi Electric releases its first electric fan, first television, first elevator and escalator, first computer product and much more...

  • 1980s

    Installed the first ever Diamond Vision screen; the world's first spiral escalator; mass production of high-output and much more..

  • 1990s

    Tie-ups with IBM and Hewlett-Packard; establishing philanthropic foundations in the USA and Thailand; awards from the U.S. and more...

  • 2000

    KASUMI selected as the standard encryption code for GSM mobile telephones; launch of MTSAT-2 and Superbird-7; released the and more...

  • 2010

    Developed elevator energy conservation management system; the world's largest and longest Diamond Vision screen...

  • History of the Corporate Logo

    Learn more about the evolution of Mitsubishi Electric's corporate logo and our corporate statement.

    More about the Logo

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