Key Technologies

From the tiny world of semiconductors to the vast reaches of space, Mitsubishi Elecctric's key technologies are making a big difference in a variety of fields all around the world

Heat Pump Technology for Cold Climates

Even the coldest air contains some heat, and heat pump technology captures it and transfers it indoors by means of a circulating refrigerant that is alternately expanded and compressed. But to keep this process going when the temprature falls below breezing. Mitsubishi Electric developed an original dual refrigerant circulation system called a Flash Injection Circuit. It ensures more refrigerant is flowing, even in below freezing temperatures, making highly energy efficient heat pumps an option in the world's colder regions.

Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventillator

Blow into a tube of paper, and the heat is transferred into your hands. This is the principle behind Mitsubishi Electric's Lossnay Energy Recovery Ventillation System. Lossnay incorporates a unique heat exchange filter made of a specially processed paper material that transfers the room temparature to the incoming air-allowing ventillation of the room without largely affecting temperature and humidity. This revolutionary capability minimizes energy loss from ventilation. Lossnay systems are now helping conserve energy around the world

Autonomous Control Technology for Spacecraft

The HTV is the first Japan-made unmanned, automated vehicle for delivering supplies to the International Space Station (ISS). The HTV must rendezvous and dock with the ISS, going through a complex navigational ballet during which it continuously executes precise self-correcting maneuvers. The onboard 'brain' powering this autonomous control system is the HTV's avionics module. This module, developed by Mitsubishi Electric, incorporates advance guidance, communications, data processing, and power supply technologies that allow the HTV to automatically pilot itself into place.

High Speed Laser Processing Technology

It's a copy of Hokusai's famous woodblock print of ocean waves. We drilled it into this tiny circuit board by laser processing machine, boring exactly 4,091 micro-holes-in 0.6 seconds! Ever higher speeds in laser drilling are what's driving the exponential evolution of smartphones, shrinking their size while multiplying their functions by enabling mushrooming connections between components. Mitsubishi Electric is a world leader in laser processing technology, offering cutting-edge systems that can drill, with ultra-high precision, 4,500 holes per second.

Laser Processing Technology

Packing more functions into today's electronic products requires ever more complex connections between components. Mitsubishi Electric advanced laser technology is helping to make this possible. We are a leader in laser machining, offering high-speed systems that can precisely drill 2,000 VIA-holes per second! These VIA holes become the highly integrated circuits connecting components. In addition to laser machining, we also offer other processing and control technoligies for higher quality and productivity, including electronic discharge and electron beam machining.

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