Mitsubishi Electric CNC Launches
New Solutions for a Self-Reliant India

31 August 2020

Featuring Professional Packages for varied Market Segments aimed at increasing production quality

Mitsubishi Electric Computerized Numerical Controllers (CNCs) aims to be the best partner for customers targeting global and future-oriented development. With the advanced professional packages for varied market segments, Mitsubishi Electric CNC team is ready to serve the M80 Series with new cutting-edge solutions. The distinctive performance of the world’s fastest CNC series features like Super Smooth Surface (SSS) control-4th Generation. The new M80 Series CNC from Mitsubishi Electric ensures you achieve faster, smoother operation and better finish. Thus, enabling higher productivity and profitability for your operation.

In 2013, Mitsubishi Electric India started its CNC manufacturing facility to maintain responsive and quicker product deliveries through robust production in India. Going forward, in 2016 to strengthen the service, sales and manufacturing, CNC technical centre was established at Peenya, Bengaluru. To support the Indian machine tool market, Mitsubishi Electric India has encouraged innovation and enhanced skill development activities to support the ‘Make in India initiative’. Mitsubishi Electric CNCs are the future of Indian manufacturing which uses precisely programmed commands aimed at accuracy and productivity. This CNC technical centre at Bengaluru is enabling the expansion of manufacturing capacity and reduced delivery time.

The new solutions introduced in M80 series includes:

(a) Mass Production for Electronic Segment

High-Speed Professional Package (M80 HS-Pro): India being the second-largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. Thus, it targets the mass production-electronic segment. Its specifications are OMR-DD2 (Optimum Machine Response-Direct Drive) High-Speed High Accuracy Tapping function, Interactive Cycle Insertion, Low Inertia, Through Coolant, High Speed Spindle Motors, Overlap function for cycle time reduction, etc.

Key feature benefits include Preventive maintenance function, Smart Servo Tuning, Smart Rigid Tapping & Troubleshooting, Smart Thermal Compensation function and Multi-Tool Management function. It helps in effective management of the machine.

(b) Part Production for Medical Segment

Medical Professional Package (M80 Med-Pro): With the increasing need for precision machining services in the medical industry due to an increase in the ageing population. Thus, it targets medical instrument manufacturers. Its specifications are Super Smooth surface-4th Generation, Higher Block processing of up to 67.5KB/Min, Easy tolerance control function, Easy Machine cut condition selection, Tolerance control function, Spline Interpolation, etc.

Key feature benefits include Smart Cycles for probe interface and Tool Management Functions. It helps in enhancing the precision and quality.

(c) Die Mold (High Precision Manufacturing) for General Mold Segment

Die Mold Professional Package (M80 Die-Pro): With the growth of the Die & Mold market has marked stupendous growth in recent years. Thus, it targets General Die mold manufacturers. M80 Die-Pro package will make remarkable benefits to all the users. To avoid data corruption, Mitsubishi Electric CNC has also introduced SD card under Single Level Cell (SLC) technology. This package specification includes Super Smooth surface-4th Generation, Higher Block processing of up to 135KB/Min, Easy Machine cut condition selection, Tolerance control function, Spline Interpolation, etc.

Key feature benefits include Smart Thermal compensation, Easy Machine condition selection, Real-time Tuning-Gain & Time constants and Spindle adoptive control. It helps to make effective control at all levels.

(d) Multi-Axis Mass Production for High-end Turn Segment

Multi-Axis Professional Package (M80 Multi-Pro): Multi-axis CNC systems can deliver close tolerance components and offer greater flexibility and cutting-edge machining technology. Thereby, it provides the best solution through single setup machining with a significant reduction in overall machining time. Also, combining increased part accuracy and optimized production of complex parts. Its specification includes Multiple Spindle Synchronization control, Direct robot Control function, Interactive cycle insertion function, Multi Axis-Multi Path System machining, Thread Re-cutting function, etc.

Key feature benefits include Gantry Path Screen, Smart Gantry axis teaching screens and Chuck & Tailstock barrier defining screens. It helps to monitor machine efficiently.

Addressing the revised solutions for various market segments, Mr. Masaya Takeda, General Manager, CNC Systems, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd. stated,Mitsubishi Electric CNC is joining the journey with the ambitious customers in all the business segments, and be a part takers in fulfilling their dreams. Thus, we have successfully reinvented the advance solutions for M80 Series product. Our Computerized Numerical Controllers (CNCs) are ready to support the future of the Indian Machine tool market.  Mitsubishi Electric CNC is helping the Indian manufacturing industry with the solutions that cover targeted segments for India’s growth, this step is an initiative to support the Government’s ‘Make in India’ movement among manufacturers all over the country ensuring that AtmaNirbhar Bharat is High Quality as well."

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Mitsubishi Electric CNC Launches
New Solutions for a Self-Reliant India

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