Mitsubishi Electric India launches “CNC-on-Wheels”

18 January 2022

Initiative to introduce the latest CNC Manufacturing Technology to our industrial manpower

Bengaluru, 18th January 2022 – Mitsubishi Electric Computerized Numerical Controllers (CNCs) has launched a training and demonstration caravan “CNC-on-Wheels”. This vehicle was flagged-off from the Mitsubishi Electric, CNC Technical Centre in Peenya which will start its journey in the Peenya industrial area first and then proceed to other Industrial areas.

Mitsubishi Electric CNC offers advanced CNC control system to take the machining needs of customers to a higher performance level. The company supplies CNC package and technologies to various factory machines. Mitsubishi Electric India started It’s CNC manufacturing facility in Peenya, Bengaluru in 2017 to support the ‘Make in India’ initiative and aid industries who want to adapt the latest manufacturing technology.

The “CNC-on-Wheels” is an initiative of Mitsubishi Electric CNC which has it’s focus on contributing to improvement of the manufacturing ecosystem of India. The initiative will help in enhancing the skills of young machine operators and nurture their technical capabilities in learning the latest CNC Systems. As a company, we do not want technology and its knowledge to be limited to classrooms and customers only, with this initiative we are taking our state-of-the-art training methods to the skilled and semi-skilled manpower of the industry so that they can see, learn, and get hands-on experience of our products and are comfortable in using them.

The “CNC-on-Wheels” consists of two major CNC controls: M80, which is our flagship product and E80, which is a product with limited features, aimed at SMSe/MSMEs. The initiative is designed in a way that a qualified engineer of Mitsubishi Electric will always be present during the whole journey of the vehicle in the industrial areas which will lead to numerous benefits such as sharing knowledge of operations, applications, troubleshooting, explanation of specific features etc. which will be explained to the users.

Addressing the “CNC-on-Wheels” launch event, Mr. Masaya Takeda, General Manager, CNC Systems, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd. said, “It is our prime interest that we are connected to the CNC operators and key decision makers in the metal cutting industry. By deploying a new training and demonstration vehicle, we will support to increase the skill level of our CNC operators as a step towards Government’s ‘Skill India Mission’ and ‘Make in India’ initiative.’ We will continue to support the Indian manufacturing industry like we have been doing for some decades.”

Mitsubishi Electric India CNC believes in taking India towards a brighter future which is sustainable for future generations as well. This initiative supports the cause of sustainable and efficient manufacturing by empowering the industry with sustainable technology and new production methods to ensure that the industry and it’s manpower progresses and lead India to become a manufacturing powerhouse in the years to come. The initiative will be carried out with all COVID-19 protocols ensuring safety and wellbeing of the society.

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Mitsubishi Electric India launches “CNC-on-Wheels”

Mitsubishi Electric India launches “CNC-on-Wheels”

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