Mitsubishi Electric India Launches MELFA ASSISTA Series of Collaborative Robots

10 August 2020

An intuitive programming tool enables fast system startup and reduced TCO

Mitsubishi Electric is set to launch a series of collaborative robots called MELFA ASSISTA in India. MELFA ASSISTA can work together with humans, keeping safety features such as collision detection a priority and complying strictly with the international safety and robotic standards ISO 10218-1 and ISO/TS15066. After a successful global launch, the collaborative robots are ready to serve the Indian market and take a lead in Indian manufacturing. Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation & Industrial Division, located in Pune, is excited to serve its customers with the advancements in productivity, faster automation, along with flexibility and safety.

RT VisualBox, an intuitive engineering software will also be introduced in new series for quick and easy system development. MELFA ASSISTA and RT VisualBox can be used by the customers to realize more efficient production, reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Robotic Manufacturing Systems, and meet new needs for adequate distancing of workers at manufacturing sites. We are all set to present the advanced form of interactivity and collaboration at manufacturing sites, which will lead to driving the long-term market growth.

Key Features

Simplified application development using intuitive flow-chart programing

The RT VisualBox programming tool developed by Mitsubishi Electric enables operating sequences to be created intuitively by linking block diagrams in a chain of events, including connection with other devices such as robot hands and cameras. Fast program-development and design time help to reduce system TCO.

2) Comes with fast Robot setup time via dedicated control panel

Robot movements can be taught and recorded quickly via a dedicated control panel on the robot arm, doing away with separate teaching boxes* required for conventional industrial robots.

The control panel features a simple design with a minimum number of buttons for simplicity, enabling even inexperienced users without expert knowledge of robots to set up the system with ease.

* Input and control devices for creating, recording and deploying movement programs

3) Easy monitoring of robot status via LED light

A bright LED light that uses different colors to indicate the status of the robot is located conveniently on the robot arm for easy viewing, helping to lower TCO by eliminating the need for conventional monitoring devices.

Additional Features,

Certified peripheral devices such as electric grippers, cameras etc. can be connected easily using RT VisualBox. The lineup of certified companies and connectable devices will be expanded to enhance the applicability of the MELFA ASSISTA series.

Addressing the Launch, Mr. Hisahiro Nishimoto, Business Unit Head-Factory Automation & Industrial Division, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd. said,” We are proud to announce the launch of Collaborative Robots in India. Our Factory Automation & Industrial Division is ready to support the customers with advanced automation needs. We are looking at faster automation, higher productivity, flexibility, safety and reduced Total Cost of Ownership. We are excited to see the efficiency it will bring to the factory floors and will ease the operations with common space sharing and work alongside employees to increase productivity.” 

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Mitsubishi Electric India Launches MELFA ASSISTA Series of Collaborative Robots

Mitsubishi Electric India Launches MELFA ASSISTA Series of Collaborative Robots

Mitsubishi Electric India Launches MELFA ASSISTA Series of Collaborative Robots

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