Supremely Powerful AC for Your Comfort

19 June 2020

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners has recently launched the MSY-JR series Room Air-conditioners with Inverter Technology that promises to deliver you the best experience and give you optimum comfort. An AC which is specially designed for bigger rooms that maintain optimum cooling all-round rather than just cooling the room. When we say “Bigger is Better” we mean it with our launch of supremely powerful AC in the market.

Selecting the perfect air conditioning unit can be a pain, more so if you are clueless about the technology behind it and what you should specifically look for to get that perfect AC unit. Mitsubishi Electric is a global leader in air conditioning systems for residential, commercial, and industrial use has introduced a new Room Air-conditioner series which is specifically designed to cool bigger rooms or rooms with intricate shapes or places where footfall is high and so is the dust & dirt level. 

We put together a few major takeaways from the latest series for you to refer to and keep in mind before finalizing your purchase because we care for you. 
1. Perfect for Semi-Commercial and Residential use
The biggest difference between a Semi-Commercial AC and a residential AC is the amount of power that the system will generate to cool the space it serves. For obvious reasons, commercial ACs and semi-commercial ACs are more powerful than residential ACs. Therefore, you should be clear as to what type of Air Conditioning unit you are looking for. With the Mitsubishi Electric MSY-JR series, you need not worry as this AC comes in a varied capacity that works for both semi-commercial places and residential with the same cooling effect.

2. Managing Big Spaces with Single IDU up to 3.0 Tr capacity
The capacity required to cool a room depends on the size of that room. For instance, a 1.9 Tr AC for a medium room of 10x20 ft. is more than enough as the heat load is manageable. Whereas a 3.0 Tr AC is extremely suitable for larger spaces like TV room, Lobby area, Big Residential rooms, banquet hall, Mosque, Gurudwara, Mandir, assembly halls. Mitsubishi Electric’s MSY-JR series includes ACs ranging from 1.9 Tr to 3.0 Tr and 12 Meter Airflow to reach every corner, which keeps you cool and comfortable even in bigger rooms. 

3. Improved Air Quality – High-Density filters for dusty environment 
At the end of the day, apart from the cooling and the comfort that the AC provides one must also make sure that the air quality of the AC is also of utmost importance and therefore to be taken into serious consideration while looking to purchase the unit. For maintaining clean and fresh air quality, the AC should consist of features like a High-Density filter which is an advanced version of the normal filters. The High-density filter helps to prevent smaller dust from entering inside of the air conditioner and enhance Air conditioner performance. Mitsubishi Electric’s MSY-JR series comes with both a High-Density filter and a Micro-Particle Catching filter that is highly effective in catching floating PM2.5 particles. Thus, maintain the indoor air quality in the room.

4. Complete Protection with Dual Barrier Coating 
For the first time in a Semi-commercial AC series, Mitsubishi Electric has introduced state-of-the-art dual barrier coating technology which prevents rust and greasy dirt from getting into the air conditioner. The Dual barrier coating works as a barrier to hydrophilic dust which is dirt, dust, fiber Dust, and Hydrophobic dirt which is greasy dirt, Oil mist, and cigarette smoke from entering the air conditioner. Thereby, keeping the air conditioner run smoothly even after long term usage. 

5. Efficiency with Single-Phase and Inverter Technology
Mitsubishi Electric MSY-JR series comes with a single-phase power supply which equalizes the standard method of distribution of electric power. If you’re looking for a smarter AC that gives consistent and better cooling along with energy efficiency, an inverter AC is worth investing into. It ensures better temperature control for maintaining cooling and avoids temperature fluctuations. The MSY-JR AC series is equipped with inverter technology that gives consistent cooling, power-efficient, long-lasting, power-saving, and many more. 

Additional features –
Modern ACs come with a variety of subtle innovations to attract the consumers. The MSY-JR series doesn’t fall behind in providing you with the utmost luxury and comfort with additional features like 4 Star Rating, Power Saving, Long Air Flow, Fast Cooling, Low DB, sleep mode, grooved piping, anti-rust, 24 hours timer, Econo cool, auto restart, fuzzy logic and more. Not just these, Mitsubishi Electric also has excellent and easy to access after-sale services that would make your experience much smoother. So, choose the AC that best suits your environment and make the best of it. 
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Supremely Powerful AC for Your Comfort

Supremely Powerful AC for Your Comfort

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