GK Series

Total Capacity / Model Name
Aircurtain Width 90 Cm(3 Feet)
Type Standard With Air Discharge Velocity 9.5 M/sec
MRP₹ 27200


Twin Nozzle

Rectification Plate

Extra Fan

Compact Design

Technical Specifications

Type (Cooling)
Indoor Unit
Performance Parameters
Fan Speed High/Low
Power  Single-phase, 50/60Hz 220-240/220V
Starting Current(A) 0.43
Weight(kg) 10.5
Air velocity Max. (m/sec) (50/60Hz)-High 9.5/9.5
Air velocity Max. (m/sec) (50/60Hz)-Low 7/7
Input (W) (50/60Hz)-High 54-61/63
Input (W) (50/60Hz)-Low 52-59/54
Air volume (m3/h) (50/60Hz)-High 1210-1230/1170
Air volume (m3/h) (50/60Hz)-Low  980-1000/930
Current(A)(50-60hz)-High 0.25-0.26/0.29
Current(A)(50-60hz)-Low 0.24-0.25/0.25
Compressor, Refrigerant & Ambient Operations
Noise (dB) (50/60Hz) High In dB(A) 43-44.5/43
Noise (dB) (50/60Hz) Low In dB(A) 38-41/35
  • The above-mentioned specifications may subject to change without any notice.

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