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Total Capacity / Model Name
Capacity 1.5Tr
Refrigerant R410A R410A
MRP₹ 105600


Heating Cooling operation

R 410A Refrigerant

Compact Indoor Unit

DC Fan Motor

Filter Check Signal

Auto Restart

Vector Wave Eco Inverter

PAM ( Pulse Amplitude Modulation)

Grooved Piping

Self Diagnostic Function

Failure Recall

On /off operation timer

Technical Specifications

Type (Cooling and Heating)
Indoor Unit
Outdoor Unit
Performance Parameters
Capacity (Min-Max) 5.1 (2.3-5.2) kW
Capacity 17,400 BTU/h
Total Input  1.580 kW
EER 3.22 W/W
Capacity (Min-Max) 6.4 (1.7-7.2) kW
Capacity 21,800 BTU/h
Total Input 1.800 kW
COP 3.55 W/W
Indoor Unit
Model Name SEZ-KD50VAL
Power Supply 1ph 220-240V 50Hz
External finish Galvanized sheets
Airflow (low-mid-high) CMM 10.0-12.5-15.0
CFM 353-441-530
External static pressure Pa 5 / 15 / 35 / 50
Operation control and thermostat Remote Control Built in
Noise level (low-med-high) dB (A) 30-34-37
Unit drain pipe (outer diameter) mm 32
Dimension Panel W(mm) 990
D(mm) 700
H(mm) 200
Weight (Panel) Kg 22
Outdoor Unit
Model Name SUZ-KA50VA-DA
Power Supply 1ph 220-240V 50Hz
External finish Munsell 3.0Y 7.8/1.1
Refrigerant (R410A) control Linear Expansion Valve
Airflow CMM 44.6
CFM 1574
Noise Level dB (A) 52
Dimensions W(mm) 840
D(mm) 330
H(mm) 880
Weight Kg 54
Max. height difference m 30
Max. piping length m 30
Pipe size (outer diameter) mm Liquid:6.35/Gas:12.7
  • Cooling Guaranteed Operating Range Upper Limit °CDB 46, Lower Limit °CDB -15
  • Heating Guaranteed Operating Range Upper Limit °CDB 24 Lower Limit °CDB -10
  • Rated operating conditions
    • Cooling - Indoor: 27°C(80°F)DB, 19°C(66°F)WB, Outdoor: 35°C(95°F)DB
    • Heating - Indoor: 20°C(68°F)DB, Outdoor: 7°C(45°F)DB, 6°C(43°F)WB
  • Refrigerant piping length (one-way): 7.5m(25ft)
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  2. Product specifications & Design are subject to change without prior notice for further improvement.

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