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Total Capacity / Model Name
Capacity 1.9 Tr
Rating 3 Star   3 Star
Refrigerant R32 R32
MRP₹ 73000
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Auto Restart

Joint Lap DC Motor

Magnetic Flux Vector Sine Wave Drive

Heat Caulking Fixing Method

Reluctant DC Rotary Compressor

Anti Mold filter

Effectively eliminate PM 2.5 and catch smaller dust to maintain clean air in the room

Micro Particle Catching Filter(Optional Part)

Electrostatic Anti-allergy Enzyme Filter(Optional)

High Density Filter(Optional part)

Auto Fan Speed Mode

Vertical Vane Swing

Auto Vanes can moved left and right, up and down using the remote controller which guide air to reach corners.

Auto Vane Control(Left & Right, Up & Down)

Double Horizontal Vane

24 Hour On/Off programmable timer

Fast Cooling mode starts immediately with the push of a button on Remote controller. According to preference, air direction can be chnaged freely.Fast Cooling makes the compressor reach it's maximum frequency remarkable faster than in Normal Operation and cools room faster.

Fast Cooling Mode

Sleep Mode

Grooved Piping

Guaranteed Operating Range Upto 52C

Powerful Cool

Technical Specifications

Type (Cooling)
Indoor Unit
Outdoor Unit
Performance Parameters
Capacity (Tr) 1.9 Tr
Star Rating - As Per BEE 3 Star  bee rating
Power Supply 230 V / 50 Hz / Single Phase
Capacity (Rated Min-Max) 6.6 (1.6-6.7)kW
Total Input (Rated Min-Max) 2.01 (0.32-2.20)kW
ISEER 4.22
Operating Current (A) 9.2
Air Volume(CFM) Indoor Unit(Silent-Low-Mid-Hi-SHi) 254-335-417-537-671
Compressor, Refrigerant & Ambient Operations
SPL  Indoor Unit(Silent-Low-Mid-Hi-SHi) dB(A) 29-37-41-45-51
Refrigerant R32  R32
Dimensions & Weight
Indoor unit Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 305x923x250
Weight kg 12.5
Outdoor unit Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 714x800x285
Weight kg 37.0
Breaker Size MCB A 16
Ext.Piping Diameter Liquid mm (inches) 6.35(1/4)
Diameter Gas mm (inches) 12.7(1/2)
Max.Length Out-In m 30
Max.Height Out-In m 15

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