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Total Capacity / Model Name
Capacity 1.0 Tr
Rating 3 Star   3 Star
Refrigerant R32 R32
MRP₹ 51000
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Fast Cooling

Long Airflow

Auto Vane Control

Dual Barrier Coating (fan)

Grooved Piping

Micro Particle Catching Filter (Optional Part)

Blue Fin (Anti Corrosion)

Poki Poki Motor

Technical Specifications

Type (Cooling)
Indoor Unit
Outdoor Unit
Performance Parameters
Capacity (Tr) 1.0 Tr
Star Rating - As Per BEE 3 Star  bee rating
Power Supply 230 V / 50 Hz / Single Phase
Capacity (Rated Min-Max) 3.6 (0.9-3.7)kW
Total Input (Rated Min-Max) 1.27 (0.30-1.35)kW
ISEER 4.15
Operating Current Rated(A) 6
Air Volume (CFM) Indoor Unit(Silent-Low-Mid-Hi-SHi) 190/247/331/397/452
Compressor, Refrigerant & Ambient Operations
SPL Indoor Unit(Silent-Low-Mid-Hi-SHi) dB(A) 22/28/36/40/43
Refrigerant R32  R32
Dimensions & Weight
Indoor unit Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 280x838x228
Weight kg 8.5
Outdoor unit Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 538x699x249
Weight kg 21
Ext.Piping Diameter Liquid mm (inches) 6.35(1/4)
Diameter Gas mm (inches) 9.52(3/8)
Max.Length Out-In m 20
Max.Height Out-In m 12

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