Environmental Vision 2021

Climate protection is a major issue worldwide and will have a significant impact on our future. The goals for the reduction of climatically harmful greenhouse gas CO2 are laid down in the Kyoto Protocol. Mitsubishi Electric has had a tradition of reducing CO2 emissions with advanced technology and highly energy-efficient products, and is extending this commitment into the future through its environmental initiative.

The "Environmental Vision 2021" is Mitsubishi Electric's long-range vision for environmental management, which looks towards the year 2021 as the 100th anniversary of the company's founding by which to achieve specific and meaningful results. Based on the principle of ”Making Positive Contributions to the Earth and its People through Technology and Action“ the Vision defines a set of initiatives for realising a sustainable, recycling-based global society through application of the company’s broad range of high-level technologies and the actions of its global workforce of talented individuals.

The "Environmental Vision 2021" commits Mitsubishi Electric to deliver the following by 2021:

Corporate Mission

The Mitsubishi Electric Group will continually improve its technologies and services by applying creativity to all aspects of its business. By doing so, we enhance the quality of life in our society. To this end, all members of the Group will pursue the following Seven Guiding Principles.

Seven Guiding Principles

  1. Trust
    Establish relationships with all stakeholders based on strong mutual trust and respect.
  2. Quality
    Provide the best products and services with unsurpassed quality.
  3. Technology
    Pioneer new markets by promoting research and development, and fostering technological innovation.
  4. Citizenship
    As a global player, contribute to the development of communities and society as a whole.
  5. Ethics
    Honor high ethical standards in all endeavors.
  6. Environment
    Respect nature, and strive to protect and improve the global environment.
  7. Growth
    Assure fair earnings to build a foundation for future growth.
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