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FREE - basic Function Blocks for use in quickly developing a “disposable face mask” machine

As a technology company Mitsubishi Electric is involved in supporting and helping a wide range of companies and manufacturers. Our Factory Automation team globally have all wanted to contribute towards helping society as a whole overcome the current challenges it faces.
For front line staff it is relatively easy for members to provide extra support, continuous working, prioritized deliveries to health, welfare and life sciences – these small but important things help. However, our factory staff have also keenly felt the need to go beyond ensuring stable production and support for our customers, and several groups have come together to create a library of basic programs, function blocks and servo set-ups as sample programs, that can be used, copied or adapted to help make a functioning control system for a “disposable face mask” production machine.

The library is offered freely as a contribution from our staff to help society overcome the current challenges.
Please use this iQ Monozukuri: FACEMASK package to kick start your facemask machine development.


Software name Type/Model Ver. Size(bytes) Release date Download file
iQ Monozukuri FACEMASK (MELSEC iQ-R) RD77GF, RD77MS 1.000B 73,791,040 2020-05-15 AP20-FMK006AA-MA_1.001B.zip
iQ Monozukuri FACEMASK (MELSEC iQ-F) FX5-40SSC-S, FX5-80SSC-S 1.000B40,925,342 2020-05-15 AP20-FMK003AA-MA_1.001B.zip
iQ Monozukuri FACEMASK (Documents) RD77GF, RD77MS, FX5-40SSC-S, FX5-80SSC-S 01 12,023,004 2020-05-15 FACEMASK_PDF.zip

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Please contact your local sales office for support when using this library.
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