Rules & Regulations

  1. Maximum Two Proposals per institute are allowed and each registration must be done separately with all the necessary documents. If more than two proposals received from one institute, first two will be accepted.
  2. All the participating institutes must be recognized by AICTE.
  3. Once the team is registered then alteration of team members is not allowed.
  4. All the team members must be regular students of current academic year. Part-time students or evening course students are not allowed to participate in the competition.
  5. The selection of teams will be done by the Organizing Committee and the decision made by the Organizing Committee will be final and binding on all the registered teams. This decision cannot be challenged by the registered teams/institute.
  6. The Mitsubishi Electric FA Components will be given to institutes on returnable basis. The Institute needs to return the components to MEI by 31st March’20. If components are required by the institute for internal presentation / demonstration then the institute will have to request the OC for the same. The OC may allow institutes to keep the components till the period decided by the OC. The decision made by the OC will be final. If the institute fails to return the component on the said date as mentioned above or as permitted by OC, then they will be barred from participating in the future competitions.
  7. Apart from Mitsubishi Electric FA components as mentioned above under the clause of “Mitsubishi Electric FA Components Sets”, all the other components will have to be arranged by participating team on their own cost.
  8. Transportation (including transportation of Model) & Accommodation of participants at the Competition venue will be managed by the Participating Team/Institute. The OC will not be liable for any damage caused to their model during transportation.
  9. Participants must pay adequate attention to safety when designing and building model so that their model doesn’t harm anyone (other teams, OC, audience and so on) at the venue.
  10. Participants must not use any kind of inflammables in their designs. This is to ensure the safety of the participants, visitors, OC, judges and all concerns.
  11. All the models that will participate in the Competition must be designed and constructed by the team members only.
  12. Participants will arrange all the accessories on their own including air compressors if required etc.
  13. Participants will be given an exception in terms of maximum dimensions for their designs with prior approval of the design from the OC. The decision made by the OC will be final and binding to the participants.
  14. Teams will be provided with only single phase 230V AC power supply at the venue. With pre-intimation three phase supply will be provided at the venue.
  15. The participating team will have to submit their design of models which include mechanical drawings, PLC program, simulation results if any etc. for evaluation. They also need to submit a report along with a presentation which will describe the working of the model and innovation which is achieved. Hard copies of the above documents must be submitted to the OC as per the schedule.
  16. Short listed teams (35 teams) have to submit hard copies of the documents by 1st Oct 19. Any team failing to submit the above documents will not be able to participate in the competition. List of mandatory documents to be submitted is described in section below.
  17. Team members need to show their College I-cards while registering at the venue for the competition failing to which they might not be able to participate in the competition.
  18. All the Mitsubishi Electric FA components must be used as per the guidelines given in the respective manuals of the components. If required the participating team can consult nearby FA centre for any technical assistance or training. List of FA centres is given below in the Contact section.
  19. If Mitsubishi Electric FA component is damaged due to mishandling and improper usage, then it shall be reported to the OC immediately so that it can be repaired at Mitsubishi Electric’s FA Repair centre in Pune. Repairing from third party or local repair for this FA component is not permitted. If this hardware is found beyond repair then the participation of the team will be cancelled and all the components supplied by MEI (including the faulty component) must be returned to the OC.
  20. In case the participating team during the course of competition decided to quit the competition for any reason, participating team is bound to inform OC with reason and OC has the discretion to decide the cost, which shall be paid by college/Participating team for FA components along with sponsorship cost which MEI has incurred for such competition.
  21. The declaration form submitted at the time of Registration (on or before 15th Sept 2019) will be valid only for the selected teams. For all the other teams, the declaration will be void.
  22. During the course of the actual competition or at any phase before that, if any team is found to be using any unfair practices/methods, the team will be disqualified from the competition. Along with this, if necessary, other punitive actions/measures may be initiated against the erring team - as found viable by the Organizing Committee (OC).
  23. Participating teams must comply with the discipline and arrangements of the OC, the words and deeds should be friendly in a civilized manner.


List of documents to be submitted along with deadlines:

Sr. No. Particulars Deadlines
(on or before)
Mode of Submission
1 Proposal documents containing
  • Project Abstract and Design Proposal in about 2000 words in pdf (1MB),
  • Bill of material (1MB)
  • Presentation of Proposal in PDF (6MB)
  • Registration form
  • Declaration form
1st Sep'19 Online
2 Submission of Hard copy of Proposal documents (Valid for selected team) 1st Oct'19 Online
3 Intermediate Progress Report:
  • Report in PDF, maximum 5 pages of A4 size
  • Video clip (30sec to 60 sec), 20 MB in avi/wmv format only
15th Dec'19 Online
4 Video of final working model - 20 MB in avi/wmv format only 10th Feb'20 Online
5 CAD files & PLC/HMI programs 10th Feb'20 Online
6 Final Report – Soft Copy 10th Feb'20 Online
7 Final Report in hard copy with spiral binding or hard binding 13th Feb'20 Submitted on arrival at competition venue.


Q.1) Can only Engineering students participate in the competition?

Ans. No, Any team belonging to the relevant Engineering/Technical/Science background can participate, provided their course is a full-time course from an institute/college.

Q.2) Can students belonging to courses like AMIE/IETE participate?

Ans. No, students from part time courses are not allowed.

Q.3) Is the progress report which is to be submitted on 15th December 2019 a part of the final evaluation?

Ans. No, the progress report that is to be sent on 15th December 2019 is just to examine the current progress of the project execution.

Q.4) For the visit of the selected team/s to the Mitsubishi Electric’s Factory Automation and Industrial Division (FAID) in Pune, accommodation will be provided or not?

Ans. No, accommodation should be self-managed by the attending team members.

Q.5) Is the visit to Mitsubishi Electric’s Factory Automation and Industrial Division (FAID),Pune compulsory for selected team/s?

Ans. No

Q.6) Will travelling and accommodation allowance be given by Mitsubishi Electric’s Factory Automation and Industrial Division (FAID)?

Ans. No. Participating teams will be managing their own travel and accommodation.

Q.7) Can the team approach any of the branches of Mitsubishi Electric’s Factory Automation and Industrial Division (FAID) regarding technical support and repairs of the product

Ans. Yes, the team can approach the nearest branch according to their convenience. For more details on the same please refer to the Theme and Rule Book 2020

Q.8) Integration of which hardware is compulsory for development of the idea/model?

Ans. A PLC and HMI of Mitsubishi Electric make shall be compulsorily used by the participants in their idea/model. They can utilise any PLC and HMI of Mitsubishi Electric make apart from those provided by the organisers. Participants can also use any other controller like DSP, Microcontroller, ARM, Stepper etc. along with PLC, provided that PLC remains as the heart of the system. Entire system control shall be done by PLC and you may utilise third party controllers for control of peripherals and actuators.

Q.9) Can we add hardware modules in addition to one that are provided by the Organisers

Ans. Yes, You can add hardware modules to the system but participants will have to manage these additional modules on their own. These modules can be procured from Mitsubishi Electric Certified System Integrators or any other Automation Distributor. The Organisers will assist the teams in providing contacts and other support necessary. These Modules will not be sponsored by Mitsubishi Electric.

Q.10) Can a team be formed from the same department?

Ans. Yes, the team can be formed by students of same department. Also, It can be a mixture of students from various departments.

Q.11) Is there any compulsion to include a P.G. student?

Ans. No, inclusion of PG student is not compulsory. Team can have all the members from U.G. However, the no. of PG student in the team shall not be more than 1.