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Condition Monitoring for Overall Equipment Efficiency – Vibration Analysis


  • To monitor and optimize maintenance services of rotary machine / equipment
  • To find equipment fault and detect anomalies during equipment operation
  • To reduce losses due to sudden breakdown of equipment
  • To provide real-time monitoring and OEE calculation at central server

Solution / System Architecture


  • FAG SmartCheck Sensor with iQ-R PLC is compact, modular measurement system for the permanent monitoring of machine. FAG Sensor device can monitor both classic and vibration parameters.
  • iQ-R PLC system detects various faults of rotary equipment such as bearing defects, imbalance, misalignment, temperature etc. through on vibration data analysis
  • Data transfer (bidirectional) via Ethernet to the MELSEC Controller and connected IT Enterprise database applications
  • Database web-server integrated with status display as traffic light symbol and detailed information