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Energy Monitoring System – EcoWebServer III


  • Monitor/Manage energy by department
  • Specific consumption-based management of energy-saving activities
  • Monthly/Annual target-based management
  • Monitoring of equipment operating status
  • Manage/Record energy data

Solution / System Architecture


  • With the help of EcoWebServer III, measured energy data can be displayed on a Web browser with graphs without any programing
  • Easy setting by using dedicated setting software.
  • Addition of new comparison screens according to the scenario. Strong support provided for analyzing activities (Data Comparison / Measurement Point Comparision)
  • Alarm output/email notification through a variety of monitoring functions
  • Simultaneously visualize demand trends and energy consumption per building/load
  • Energy-saving air conditioning operation realized by interconnecting with integrated air- conditioning controller
  • Easily understand productivity by confirming the specific consumption graph