Boost Your Productivity with MR-J5

AI-based predictive maintenance can boost availability by up to 20% while reducing inspection costs by 25% and annual maintenance fees by up to 10%.*

Increase capacity and quality of your production line with Predictive Maintenance assured by Mitsubishi's MELSERVO-J5 with Maisart, our proprietary inbuilt AI.

Maisart detects changes in machine friction and vibration, and visualises anomalies to predict and prevent unforeseen problems so parts can be replaced before they fail. Data is analysed and transmitted via CC-Link IE TSN to the motion module and IT system, and can be used for maintenance and overall machine diagnostics.

(*As per McKinsey & Company. SOURCE: started-with-ai-based-predictive- maintenance#:~:text=AI%2C%20and%20particularly%20machine%20learning,fees%20by%20up%20t o%2010%25.)

The MAISART Advantage
  • Plug and play
  • No programming required
  • Scalable
  • Big data analysis

Prompt & comprehensive diagnostics for maintenance

Increase machine capacity

Reduced downtime

Reduced maintenance time & costs

Improved productivity

Protect product quality

High-speed, high-accuracy motion control

Reduced TCO


MELSERVO-J5 maximises performance of your equipment or production line with cutting-edge features:
  • Comprehensive AI diagnostic function contributes to simple maintenance
    • • Predictive maintenance (CBM)
    • • Preventive maintenance (TBM)
    • • Corrective maintenance
  • Large data communication building IIoT infrastructure across manufacturing enterprise
  • Total drive solution to match various application for smart equipment
  • Battery-less absolute encoder as standard
  • Single connector/single cable type
  • Wide range of motors with more flexible options
  • Integration and control through IPC environment
  • One software: Faster, simpler, intuitive easy programming


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