Application Based Training

Sr.No. Training Module Days Brief Courses
Application Training
1Packaging Machine HFS 2Basics of Packaging System, Introduction to Horizontal packing machine. FA Hardware selection criteria. Application development. Jog & home operation for feeder, Conveyor, sealing, filing axis. Synchronous control setting, Troubleshooting.
2FA BASIC1Introduction to Electro-Pneumatics, Different components- valves, cylinder, feeders, sensors. Control Components.FX3S PLC, I/O assignment, SFC programming, devices in STL, different modes of Operation - step mode execution, single cycle, continuous execution
3Packaging Machine VFFS 2Basics of packing system. Vertical FFS Packing machine- hardware. Configuration of VFD through CC-Link IE field. Configuration of EMS through CC-Link. Settings of Temperature controller instrument. FA Hardware selection criteria. Application development
4GOT 21 CFR1Introduction to 21 CFR Compliance, Security Management Function, Alarm/Event Configuration, Recipe Function, Report screen development, report print Setting, Printer Setting, Data List Display, Data Transfer tool Operation, Audit trial.
5R2R2Introduction of R2R application, Features of special R2R drive, concept of winding and unwinder application
6INV CRN1FR-A800-CRN inverter embedded functions such as “swinging suppression control”, “shortest time torque start up function”, as well as “load-based speed control.
7PROCESS AUTOMATION2Introduction to Process Automation, Basics of Process control, Instruments used in Process control, PA kit, Different process variable controlling in Process Automation, PID, Screen design in Scada, Flow monitor design, Control screen design
8POKA YOKE, ANDON2Introduction of POKA YOKE System, Benefits of POKA YOKE system, Hardware connection configuration, Introduction of ASLINK network, Different sensors & devices of ASLink network
9PackML2Introduction to packaging system, Packaging application, Feeder axis, Conveying, Sealing, Filling, Sensors, System configuration, GOT screen design for PackML, Troubleshooting.
10Energy Saving using FR-F800/E8001Overview of Mitsubishi Inverter Series, Features & Specifications of E800/F800 inverter, Energy saving using IPM motor, Energy saving with Difference controls. Practical demo on Kit
11Servo Based Robotic Arm2Overview of Mitsubishi Range of servo Controllers, SSCNET Based Servo Controllers, Basic operation of arm assembly using JOG, Home & Position. Application hardware overview, System configuration, Application development.
12Robot Screw Tightening Machine2Overview of Mitsubishi Robots, Application overview, System Configuration, Screw tightening application Development, Vision Interface & programming, Spline Function, Glue Dispenser application development.
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