Regular Training Courses at ATC: FY2024-25

    Following training courses are regularly offered from our all training centres mentioned in previous section

Sr.No. Training Module Days Type of Course Brief Courses
1 Micro PLC:MELSEC iQ-F 2 Basic Introduction to iQ-F series PLC. I/O addressing. Programming using GXWorks3. Applied instructions, timer, counter, Analog interface.
2 Modular PLC: MELSEC IQ-R 2 Basic Introduction to iQ-R series PLC. Difference between Q & iQ-R series. Compatibility in existing line. Lib. Functions, applied instructions, data labels, Analog interface.
3 HMI: GOT 2000 1 Basic Includes GOT 2000 Series HMI hardware, Screen Designing using programming software GT Designer. Alarms, Graphs, Comments, Recipe. Ladder monitoring & editing. Program diagnosis & backup using GOT.
4 iQF PLC Advance 1 Basic Understanding of Analog Interface : FX5U-4AD-ADP, 4DA-ADP), Understanding of Memory card use, Program boot function, Understanding of multiple program creations & program types, Understanding of Global , Local & Module label), Creation of Function Block .
5 iQR PLC Advance 1 Basic Understanding of Analog module features (Scale, Shift,Warning, Wave, Clip, module change, History, Understanding of datalogging function, Memory dump function, Understanding of Security function ( Block Password, file password, Security key )
6 VFD A800 2 Basic MCBasics of Inverter, Mitsubishi 800 series Inverter. V/F control, jogging, parameter setting. Multi-speed operation, auto tuning.
7 LVS 2 Basic Basics of Electricity, LVS Terminologies, Overview of Electrical Power Distribution System, Basics of Motor Starter, Briefing of LVS products used in Motor starter kit, Starting Methods of Motor, Overview of Motor Starter kit.
8 SCADA:MC WORKS64 2 Basic MC Works Architecture & features. Product Selection. MX OPC server. Graph Works, Alarm server & logger. Trend server, Redundancy in MC Works64
9 Robot Basics 2 Basic Basics of robot. Device configuration & wiring for external I/O. Robot operation & teaching. Programming with RT toolbox & teaching pendent. Robot applications.
10 Servo Basics 2 Basic Overview of Mitsubishi Range of servo Controllers, SSCNET Based Servo Controller: RD77MS, SSCNET Based Servo Amplifier: MR–J4–B , RD77MS, Expansion Function, Synchronous Control Function, CAM Design, Synchronous Parameters in Details, Troubleshooting & monitoring
Please contact training department for detailed agenda and schedule for above training programs.

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