e-F@CTORY and Conversion Training content and calendar

Following training courses are regularly offered from our all training Centres mentioned in previous section.

Sr.No. Training Module Days Brief Courses
e-F@ctory Training
1 e-Factory MES 1 Introduction to MES, Hardware & software specification, Configuration, Creating SQL data base, Using MES configuration tool.
2 e-Factory Web Server 1 Introduction to Webserver function, System configuration, creating system web page, Creating User web page.
3 e-Factory OPC-UA 1 Introduction to FX5-OPC UA Server Module ,Hardware Overview , System Configuration ,Function of OPC UA , Configuration Tool
4 e-Factory IOT Gateway 1 Overview of IOT Gateway , MEGATSU Gateway Specification & Features ,MEGATSU Gateway setting ,Login to Cloud Tesla ,Wise cure Cloud Router Connectivity, Setting in PLC
5 e-Factory - IoT Gateway 1 Overview of MEGATSU-IIOT Gateway, Features & Specifications, IoT Edge Gateway, Web Based Portal for Configuration, IoT Cloud platform, Remote control, Alert on Screen
6 e-Factory-Starter Package (Operation monitoring) 1 Introduction, Monitoring the system status in real-time, line using a large display screen, worksite with a tablet or smartphone, the worksite from office personal computer, monitoring graphical Screen
Conversion Training
1 A to Q Conversion 1 Introduction to A & Q CPU, Comparison, System configuration, Software requirement, conversion techniques
2 J2S & J3to J4 Conversion 1 Introduction to J2S & J4 Amplifier, Parameter details of J2S & J4, Wiring details of conversion kit.
3 CC-Link IEF to TSN Conversion 1 Introduction list of alternative modules, Comparison of specification & Functions, Link Devices, Replacing Module, Procedure using engineering tool
4 700 to 800 Inverter Conversion 1 Introduction of Conversion 700 to 800, replacement as per size, wiring, Control Signals, Main ckt Layout, Control ckt layout, Convert Settings for Convert Function