List of Customised Training Programs

We also conduct training on following products as per customer’s requirements:

MELCO FA Products Customized Training Courses

Sr. No. Training Module  Module Brief Courses
1 FX Networking  Serial Communication Boards/ Adapters, 1: N & N:N communications, Inverter Network    with FX3U / FX3G PLCs, CC-Link for FX PLC : Master & Salve Blocks, Ethernet Module : FX3U-ENET. Modbus communication using FX3U-232 /485 ADP-MB, FX5 Communication options (CC Link IE Field Basic), FX5U-232BD/ADP, FX5U-422BD/ADP
2 Redundant CPU Q12PRH / Q25PRH Redundancy CPUs, Programming & Parameter Setting for redundancy. Memory copy function, CPU replacement.
3 L series PLC  L Series PLC hardware, Range of CPUs, I/O modules, Analog Modules, Networking modules, etc., I/O addressing, Programming using GxWorks2.

4 L Basic Positioning L series Built-in Positioning, High speed inputs/outputs, Encoder Interfacing, Interfacing with pulse input type servo amplifiers, Homing, Jogging, and positioning, practice
5 L Advance Positioning LD75MH and LD77MS modules, SSCNET based Servo controllers, Simple Motion control, etc.
6 iQ-R PLC iQ-R SIL2 Solution, iQ-R Safety Solution, iQ Monuzukuri Solution, GX Works 3 FB Programming.
7 iQ-F PLC Simple Motion Simple Motion Module setting (FX5-40 SSC/FX5-80SSC), CAM design, CAM types (Ratio CAM, Coordinate CAM), Synchronous encoder interface, Command generation action setting using GX Works3.
8 MelsecNet/H Network MelsecNet/H Network range, specifications, feature. Optical loop module, coaxial bus & configuration. PLC-PLC & PLC- remote I/O communication. Link Devices & RAS function. Intelligent module at remote station. Troubleshooting
9 GOC Includes GOC series hardware, PLC programming, HMI Screen Design /Various Objects, Data logging, History trends, Recipes & Alarms, third party connectivity, etc.
10 GX Works2 Structure programming Introduction to label programming, Understanding of local label and global label, Structure programming languages (Ladder, FBD, ST, SFC etc.), Creation of function blocks, Structured data types, User library, Import, Export, symbolic information and memory configuration.
11 Nexgenie 1000 PLC Nexgenie 1000 PLC hardware, Base & Expansion Units, Memory Organization, DI/DO and Analog I/O, Connection & Configuration, Programming using CoDeSys, Troubleshooting & Maintenance issues, etc.
12 Nexgenie 2000 PLC Nexgenie 2000PLUS PLC hardware, Base & Expansion Modules, Memory Organization, DI/DO and Analog I/O, Connection & Configuration, Programming using CoDeSys, Modbus Network, Communication FBs, Interface with MS-HMI, basic programming of HMI,  Troubleshooting & Maintenance issues, etc.
13 PLC Maintenance Basics of PLC, hardware configuration, IO Module Installation & Wiring. PLC Addressing. Program upload/download & program backup. Troubleshooting IO error. Replacement of IO Module.
14 Servo Maintenance Mitsubishi Servo Range, Power & Control wiring. Configuration. Start-up procedure.  Periodic Maintenance. (Battery for absolute servo). Alarm number & brief description. Servo Motor Maintenance. Troubleshooting.
15 VFD Maintenance Mitsubishi AC Drive Range, Induction motor selection. Power & Control wiring. Configuration. Start-up procedure. Parameter setting. Alarm troubleshooting & brief alarm description. Yearly & Monthly maintenance. Drive fans/filters. Input Drive voltage & current anomalies.  

17 Robot Maintenance Mitsubishi Robot Range, Reading/writing backup, Settings of Origin data, Greasing of Robot arm, Battery replacement in Robot arm and controller, Power and control wiring, etc., Troubleshooting.
18 Preventive Maintenance of LVS Product Understanding the Parts of Switchgear, Fitment Practice on ACB Accessories, Hands-on Session on ACB preventive Maintenance, Understanding the Release Function and Setting, ACB Function and Operation, Trouble Shooting and Maintenance of Low voltage Switchgear.
19 Electrical Safety Awareness Electrical Hazards, Fire Cases, Why Safety Required, Self-Protection Equipment's
20 Switchgear & Accessories Selection Switchgear terminology, Switchgear selection, Brief introduction of Fault and Release setting and Function and selection of Switchgear accessories.

21 Communication & Smart Switchgear Introduction of Communication, Hardware, Demonstration of EMS Using Meter, ECO Monitor, ECO webserver

1. Apart from above list, wide range of customized training programs is available as per the installation at customer end.
2. Customized training programs can be arranged at customer site or at nearby FA centres of Mitsubishi Electric Ind

Customised Training Programs for MEI FA Products

Training Module Brief Contents
Advanced Training PTO / HSC using NG2KP and NG5K PLC, Interfacing with Servo Amplifiers, Motion Function Library, etc.
Networking CAN OPEN, MODBUS and Ethernet Communication feature in NG2K / NG5K series PLCs, third party connectivity, GPRS.

Please contact training department for detailed agenda and schedule for above training programs.