List of Regular Training Program

Following training courses are regularly offered from our all training Centers mentioned in previous section.

Sr.No. Training Module Days Brief Courses
1 Q PLC 2 Includes QnUDEH PLC hardware. Basic & advance programming using GX Works2. Timer, Counter, Applied instructions. Program booting using SD card. Analog interface.
2      GOT 2000 2 Includes GOT 2000 Series HMI hardware, Screen Designing using programming software GT Designer3. Alarms, Graphs, Comments, Recipe. Ladder monitoring & editing. Program diagnosis & backup using GOT. GOT mobile function, VNC Server.
3 Advance Micro PLC iQ-F 2 Introduction to IQ-F series PLC. I/O addressing. Programming using GXWorks3. Applied instructions, timer, counter, Analog interface. Structured programming. Function block & library.
4 iQ-R SAFETY 1 Introduction of iQ-R series PLC , iQ-R series PLC range ,Hardware and features, Outline of safety programable controller ,Features of safety CPU ,IQ-R safety I/O Features ,Hardware wiring of safety PLC and remote I/O,CC-Link IE Field Network Safety, Creating new project for safety program, Module configuration & station setting
5 Advance Modular PLC iQ-R 3 Introduction to iQ-R series PLC. Difference between Q & iQ-R series. Compatibility in existing line. Lib. Functions, applied instructions, data labels, Analog interface, embedded data base. Maintenance & security functions
6 Basic FA Network         CC-Link 1 Basics of CC-Link Network, different types of devices in network, Network addressing, & connections. Master to remote & CPU to CPU interface. Network troubleshooting & CC-Link module hardware test.
7 Advance FA Network           CC-Link IE 2 Basics of CC-Link IE network. CC-Link IE Field network components, topology. Network communication - Remote IO station & PLC to PLC configuration. Network diagnosis & troubleshooting Introduction of CC-Link TSN
8 Servo Basic I 2 Basics of servo systems, servo motor structures, Mitsubishi pulse type  servo - MR JE. Servo parameter setting using MR configurator. Built in positioning using FX controller. Homing, positioning with Modbus protocol, troubleshooting
9 Servo Basic II 2

Mitsubishi's servo controller's range. SSCNet III/H based controller & amplifier - MR-J3 & MR J4. Positioning using QD77MH/77MS, M Code, QD77MS simple motion configurator, CAM design.

10 CC Link IE TSN 2 CC-Link IE TSN Network Overview, CC-Link IE Field network topology & System Configuration. Cyclic communication - Remote IO station & PLC to PLC Communication. CC-link IE TSN Network diagnosis & troubleshooting
11 Advance Servo   (Q Motion) 3 SSCNET based servo system MRJ4. Motion CPU: Q17nD/DS, 172M/MS, SFC programming, VF/VR instructions. Motion control with virtual mode. Mechanical editor: Servo motor virtual axis
12 AC Drives 2 Basics of Inverter, Mitsubishi FR800 series Inverter. V/F control, jogging, parameter setting. Multi-speed operation, auto tuning. CC-Link communication with FR800 inverter. Troubleshooting
13 SCADA 3 MC Works 64 Architecture & features. Product Selection. MX OPC server. Graph Works, Alarm server & logger. Trend server. Unified data manager. Scripting, security server. Report WorX64. Project Management.
14 Robot-I 2 Basics of robot (F/FR). Device configuration & wiring for external I/O. Robot operation & teaching. Programming with RT toolbox & teaching pendent. Robot applications & maintenance/ troubleshooting
15 Robot-II 2 Basics of robot. Device configuration & wiring for external I/O. Robot operation, Spline Function, Tool teaching, Additional Axis function, Networking (CC-Link, CC-Link IE )
16 Packaging Machine HFS (PackML) 3 Basics of Packaging System, Introduction to Horizontal packing machine. FA Hardware selection criteria. Application development. Jogging, homing, feeder axis, Conveying, sealing, filing. Part/object missing correction logic. Troubleshooting. Introduction of PackML Solution, Benefits of PackML standardisation
17 GOT 21 CFR 1 Introduction to 21 CFR Compliance, Security Management Function, Alarm/Event Configuration, Recipe Function, Report screen development, report print Setting, Printer Setting, Data List Display, Data Transfer tool Operation, Audit trial.
18 e-Factory MES 1 Introduction to MES, Hardware & software specification, Configuration, Creating SQL data base, Using MES configuration tool.
19 e-Factory Web Server 1 Introduction to Webserver function, System configuration, Creating system web page, Creating User web page.
20 e-Factory Starter Package 1 Introduction to iQ Monozukuri Vibration analysis, Online and Offline process, Equipment operation and monitoring solutions.
21 R2R 2 Introduction of R2R application, Features of special R2R drive, concept of winding and unwinder application
22 PROCESS AUTOMATION 2 Introduction to Process Automation, Basics of Process control, Instruments used in Process control, PA kit, Different process variable controlling in Process Automation, PID, Screen design in Scada, Flow monitor design, Control screen design
23 FA BASIC 2 Introduction to Electro-Pneumatics, Different components- valves, cylinder, feeders, sensors. Control Components.FX3S PLC, I/O assignment, SFC programming, devices in STL, different modes of Operation - step mode execution, single cycle, continuous execution
24 Packaging Machine VFFS 3 Basics of packing system. Vertical FFS Packing machine- hardware. Introduction to iQ Monozukuri packaging. Configuration of VFD through CC-Link IE field. Configuration of EMS through CC-Link. Settings of Temperature controller instrument. FA Hardware selection criteria. Application development - Filling Systems (Auger, Pulling and sealing), Unwinding of Web, Heater control, eye-mark correction, etc. Troubleshooting.
25 PackML 3 Introduction to packaging system, Packaging application, Feeder axis, Conveying, Sealing, Filling, Sensors, System configuration, GOT screen design for PackML, Troubleshooting.

Introduction of POKA YOKE System, Benefits of POKA YOKE system , Hardware connection configuration, Introduction of ASLINK network, Different sensors & devices of ASLink network

27 IPC 2 Introduction to Industrial PC (IPC), Software Installation Procedure, Basic setup of IPC, Installation of Mitsubishi SCADA, Installation of MX OPC Server,, Communication with MX OPC Server, Installation of SQL Database, Integration of IPC with PA kit, Project Setup In IPC
28 INV CRN 1 FR-A800-CRN inverter embedded functions such as “swinging suppression control”, “shortest time torque start up function”, as well as “load based speed control
29 A to Q Conversion 1 Introduction to A & Q CPU, Comparison, System configuration, conversion techniques  
30 J2S to J4 Conversion 1 Introduction to J2S & J4 Amplifier,  Parameter details of J2S & J4, Wiring details of conversion kit.  
31 Basic of LVS 2 Basic Electrical Terminologies, Introduction of Low Voltage Product and Types of Switchgear, Application of Low Voltage Switchgear, Switchgear Demo.
32 Industrial Electrical System 1 Basic Overview of Electrical Power System (Generation, Transmission & Distribution), LV Switchgear Terminologies, Protection Systems (Overload, Short Circuit, Ground Fault, Earth Leakage and Voltage Based Protection), Overview of Electrical Distribution Panels (Types, Application and Switchgear selection).
33 Multifunction Meter with Communication 1 Use of Multifunction Meter in Distribution System (1 φ + 3 φ) , Meter Programming, Meter Communication, Meter Trouble Shooting.
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